Manage Groups You Follow

If you want to change your group preferences, click on “Manage Groups” on your home page. On this page, you would be able choose additional group categories of interest or remove groups from your earlier choices.

Create Private Groups

If you don’t see a group that is relevant to your question or comment, be sure to click on following icon:

Let us know your idea for a group and we can create it for you.

Tagging Members

Don’t forget to bring others into the discussion. One easy way to do this is to use the tag function.

When you click on “tag member” it will open up a field box. Simply type @ and then start typing the members’ name whom you want to bring into the discussion and this member or members that you have tagged will receive a notification to their email to let them know.


There are a large number of discussions happening on the VCoP. These have organized into 12 group categories:

  • Community Reintegration
  • Aphasia and Communication
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mood, Behaviour, and Cognition
  • Transitions in Care
  • Exercise and Mobility
  • Patient and Family
  • Endovascular Therapy
  • Stroke Prevention
  • Complex Care & Post-Stroke Complications
  • Knowledge Translation and Education
  • Technology and Stroke

In each of these group categories, you will find a number of discussions relevant to each topic area.
Click on a specific discussion, and you can post a question, a response, and upload documents and links to share resources.

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