Manage Groups You Follow

If you want to change your group preferences, click on “Manage Groups” on your home page. On this page, you would be able choose additional group categories of interest or remove groups from your earlier choices.

Create Private Groups

If you don’t see a group that is relevant to your question or comment, be sure to click on following icon:

Let us know your idea for a group and we can create it for you.

Tagging Members

Don’t forget to bring others into the discussion. One easy way to do this is to use the tag function.

When you click on “tag member” it will open up a field box. Simply type @ and then start typing the members’ name whom you want to bring into the discussion and this member or members that you have tagged will receive a notification to their email to let them know.


Resources Section & Organization

On the main page of the resources section, you will find links to common evidence based resource sites for stroke providers as well as common stroke sites intended for the public including your patients.

VCOP members currently have access to a wide array of resources housed on the VCOP website to support the promotion of stroke care best practices. To optimize user experience in the resources section, we have organized the resources to reflect the parts of the care continuum. Resources are organized into the following 5 continuum-based groups:

  • Secondary Prevention
  • Hyperacute Care
  • Acute Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Community

Within each of these care continuum based categories, resources are further organized into the following sections:

  • Best Practice Guidelines
  • Best Practice Implementation Resources
  • Clinician Resources
  • Education and Knowledge Translation
  • Patient and Resources
  • Screening Tools and Assessment

If you have a resource you would like to add to our repository, please send it to us using “submit a resource icon”:

Profile Changes

Email Notifications Settings

Notifications to new posts, invitations to groups etc. help us to stay connected. Your notifications are set to a default setting in your Profile so that you will get notifications for changes in activity, messaging, or groups specific to your participation on the site. If you would like to change this, click on the “notification tab” on the Edit Profile Page and make your choices. Again, remember to save them before you leave the notifications page.

Edit Profile

It is important that you keep your profile up to date as networking is of great value to members of the VCoP.

To change anything on your profile, click on “edit profile” on your home page. Change any of the fields that need to be changed and remember to save your changes.
In this section of the VCoP, you can also change your avatar and your group preferences.


Private Messaging

While you can always post a question or comment for everyone to view on the VCoP, you can also message members privately.

Click on the Membership Directory located in the blue bar at the top of your home page.

Enter the name of the member you are looking for or search by other fields such as discipline or organization. Once you find the member you are looking for, their information will appear as a member card icon.

On the right side of this member card, you will see an envelope icon. Click on this to open a text box for composing your message. Sending this message will alert the member by email that they have a message waiting for them on the VCoP.

Explore the member directory to find members with similar interests and to identify other members you can learn with and learn from on this virtual platform.

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